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We get married young, but it won’t last.

We don’t get married, but why are we still single?

We have one, two, three baby boys, but we should be trying for a girl.

We don’t have babies, but our lives, aren’t they empty?

We breastfeed, but not long enough.

We bottle feed, but the baby, he won’t thrive!

We stay home with our kids, but miss financial independence.

We go back to work, but miss our kids.

We share our bank accounts, but must invest a little on our own.

We keep separate finances, but marriage is about togetherness.

We fight for our rights, but need to tone it down.

We stay quiet, ladylike, but should be fighting harder for equality.

We have sex, we talk about it, it’s healthy, but don’t be vulgar.

We don’t have sex, we aren’t in the mood, but don’t be a prude.

We spend time with our spouses, but need to have our own interests.

We spend time with our girlfriends, but don’t our families need us?

We celebrate our natural selves, but are fed ads for shapewear and lip fillers.

We wear makeup, we use filters, but that is false advertising.

We can be your daughter, your mother, your spouse, your friend. 

We can be anything, but we can’t be everything. 

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