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You know those awful but wonderful viral videos you see on Facebook, where a baby hears for the first time after cochlear implants, or a soldier is reunited with his family? Today I felt like I was starring in one.

I was sitting in the waiting room of the doctor’s office with a group of women, all strangers. The wait was averaging an hour, sometimes two, and we were restless. One woman muttered under her breath to no one in particular: I should have brought snacks, I’m starving.

If you’ve met me, or even spied on me at the grocery store, you know my purse is full of snacks. Always. I’m like a grandma pulling hard candies out of her sweater sleeve, except I reach into my oversize bag and pull out cashews or cheeseballs or beef jerky. I’ve been known to whip out a turkey and cheese sandwich during client meetings. Blood sugar is serious business. 

And so, by sheer instinct, I pulled a package of fruit snacks out of my purse and reached across the chairs to give them to this woman. She stared at me, then at the fruit snacks, then looked around the room at the other women, and said: thank you, thank you for being so kind! A woman to our left nodded her head and said to the room: women take care of women.

I was so busy trying to take notes on this moment that I didn’t notice another woman leave the room and walk outside. It was only when the door banged open that I looked up and saw her come back into our circle with an entire box of fruitsnacks. She walked around the room passing them out to each of us, like the Santa Claus of gummy strawberries. Everyone laughed and smiled and I know a big group hug only happened in my head, but the idea that one small act of kindness led to this beautiful moment of strangers supporting each other was so inspiring. 

There are good moments out there, good people, and we need to enjoy them. We need to pay for someone’s lunch, send flowers to a friend for no reason, rain fruit snacks down on strangers. Because women take care of women. 

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